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Allmyfavorites will be closing!

Get your favorites before they are gone

if you want to download your favorites before the data is deleted you must login and click the download link.


  • Today we have many better ways to share favorites on the internet (When allmyfavorites was created even Facebook was not there yet).
  • The browsers have bookmarks synchronization today. And you can easily have the same bookmarks on all your devices
  • Abuse of the site due to a misunderstanding of SEO. (Allmyfavorites does not link directly to any of the links you add, so this will not help you at all)
  • I do not want to spend the time mainaining the site anymore

A little history...

Allmyfavorites was created in 2003 and was "cutting edge" at that time. ("Web 2.0" before the term was invented) The main idea was to have a place to keep your favorites sharing with friends (and the rest of the world) Since then I have not made much changes and the site is very now outdated. As of today may 2018 the site has 43925 registered users (many of these has not been using the site for years)

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